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Note: our e-mail addresses
at splotter.com are no longer
available. You can reach
us at splotter.nl


How to contact us

Splotter is run by the partners in their "free time", besides "normal" jobs. Unfortunately, this implies that we often have to take care of Splotter-matters at unusual hours and we cannot be reached as easily as "normal" companies. The best, fastest and most reliable way to contact us is by e-mail to info@splotter.nl. For safety and efficiency reasons, please write everything in the e-mail itself; do not include pictures or send attachments without prior admission. E-mails with unexpected attachments over 100 Kb or attachments which might be unsafe (like Word documents) will be deleted and will not be read. You could also send a fax message to number +31 71 576 28 15. For completeness, in order of decreasing efficiency:
Website http://www.splotter.com
E-mail info@splotter.nl
Fax +31 71 576 28 15
Postal address Splotter Spellen
Langestraat 22
2312 SL Leiden
The Netherlands
Voice mail +31 71 576 03 08
Note: orders for less than 10 games, questions about game rules or parts etc. can be submitted only by fax or e-mail. Direct numbers and addresses:
  Herman Haverkort Jeroen Doumen Joris Wiersinga Tamara Jannink
E-mail Herman Haverkort Jeroen Doumen Joris Wiersinga Tamara Jannink
Fax +31 570 62 81 82 +31 71 576 28 15 +31 71 576 28 15
Tel. or voice mail +31 570 62 81 82 +31 71 576 03 08 +31 71 576 03 08

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