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Previously asked questions about new editions of Roads & Boats

The new print run

Question: Will you produce a new run of Roads & Boats?

Answer: Yes.

Question: How many games will you make?

Answer: The issue with producing Roads & Boats is that our per-box production costs are very, very high due to all of the material involved. Therefore, we will make only a limited number of games. Some of you have suggested a method for estimating demand which we will use: we are going to have a pre-order list. The amount of pre-orders will determine how many copies we are going to produce.

Question: How do you get your game?

Answer: See the order form.

Question: Is it possible to wait and order later?

Answer: Sure. We will accept pre-orders until January 15th, 2003. The number of pre-oders will determine how many copies we are going to produce, but we will produce more copies than are pre-ordered, and we expect big retailers (FunAgain, Boulder, AllGames4You and others) will order a number of copies as well, which will be available to the general public. However, we have no means of telling you upfront how long it will take for the game to sell out. Besides, the pre-order discount is only given until January 15th.

Question: Will there be any changes to the game?

Answer: Yes and no. The game itself will not be changed (although we will clarify some obscurities in the rules). We are, however, considering a major update of the material, as we feel we have advanced a lot in our capabilities in this respect since the first edition was published.

The new edition will contain material for four players. Because many people never play with five, we decided that it makes no sense to force you to waste money on material for five players. It seems better to spend the money on better playing pieces instead.

The expansion sets

Question: I have heard there will be an expansion set for Roads & Boats. Which elements are introduced in the expansion set?

Answer: Planes & Trains introduces bombs (to tear down buildings), trains and aeroplanes. We are also working on a new expansion set, which will probably add trade fairs, managers, art production and additional material for a fifth and a sixth player.

Question: When will the expansion set be available?

Answer: Planes & Trains is sold out, but it may still be available from (Internet) shops. We are considering a re-release, but this will not be available until October 2003 or later. The new expansion set will hopefully be released in October 2003.

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