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For 1-5 player(s)
Duration: 3-4 hours

Planes & Trains

 A game by Splotter Spellen

Planes & Trains is an expansion kit for Roads & Boats, which makes the game even more dynamic and interactive. The kit contains three main elements. Planes & Trains ist eine Erweiterung für Roads & Boats, die das Spiel noch dynamischer und interaktiver macht. Die Erweiterung enthält drei Hauptbestandteile.

Airplanes enable you to escape from your home area, bring distant parts of the world within reach and enable fast and lucrative trade with other players. Just bring your building materials, express shipments and trade goods to an airport, take off, and drop them anywhere you want.

Railroads are not as flexible as airplanes, but they can be used by everyone who can spare a modest fare, and what's more: they enable your own transporters to travel and visit distant parts of the world quickly and easily.

Bombs give you more flexibility in your planning. No more obsolete factories blocking the best building site for your mint: just blow up the ruins! Of course, explosives in the wrong hands can lead to disasters, especially if your factories are all built of wood. It may be wise to strengthen your core factories with a little extra stone.

This expansion set contains new transporters (airplanes), new buildings (airports and bomb factories), new goods (bombs), fortified-building markers, and a number of scenarios in which you can experiment with the use and the fun of aviation, trains and explosives. Rules were available in English and German. You need the original Roads & Boats game (any edition) to play this expansion set.

We do not stock Planes & Trains anymore.

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